Coprate Event Lübeck

  • Customer: Ingredion Germany GmbH
  • Venue: Musik- und Kongresshalle Lübeck
  • Number of guests: 450

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Lübeck, the door opens to a unique experience - a team building conference for our client Ingredion.

Lübeck, a city with a rich history and inspiring atmosphere, provided the perfect setting for this conference. Surrounded by medieval architecture and the soothing sound of the River Trave, we were able to focus on exciting team building formats while experiencing the beauty and charm of this historic city.

The conference was much more than just meetings and presentations. Interactive workshops were held where challenges were met, obstacles overcome and new skills developed. Team games and activities built trust, improved communication and encouraged collaboration.

This team building session was more than just an opportunity to learn new skills. It was a chance to strengthen relationships, make connections and grow together. In a world characterised by collaboration and teamwork, this conference was a source of inspiration and motivation to help our client on the road to success.


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