Family - Festival for employees 2022

  • Mitarbeiterevent
  • Kunde: Optiker Bode
  • Location: Gut - Schloss Wotersen | Herzogtum Lauenburg
  • Personenzahl: 600

Family-Festival for employees 2022

After a corona-related lockdown of more than two years, the medium-sized optician company felt a special need to thank its employees and their families. Not only for the work done in the past, under what is known to be challenging conditions, but in particular for their support, commitment and loyalty to the company. At the same time, the company's new culture of values ​​should be communicated to the employees and their families in a way that is understandable and tangible. Together with the customer, we designed an event in the style of a festival for the whole family. From the typical hippie festival look of the 60s and 70s to street food, games and fairground activities for young and old, everything was there on this day. The highlight was a joint, spontaneous performance of singing, dancing and percussion, which was enthusiastically performed by all 600 guests. With the best weather and in a unique, sustainable and natural location in the country, all guests experienced a colorful festival with and in the corporate family.

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