Employer events: special
moments for special people.

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Exceptional companies inspire their employees to become passionate and convinced ambassadors.

The right message strengthens corporate culture and promotes your employees` performance. In this way you transform “work” into “vocation”.

Brand awareness is undoubtedly formed through the moments of solidarity. It is the key to enabling modern brands to survive and to stand out from the mass.

Based on your corporate goals, we design for you the event which appeals to and activates your employees.

Recruitng Events

Recruiting events: talents
are waiting to be found.

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Because these are THE opportunity to enlarge your talent pool and to leave a lasting impression as an employer. When you meet your applicants in person, you can look behind the scenes and see what is not in their CVs.

What are the real features of their personalities? What are the things you have in common or what are the differences which could help your team progress? It is high time to find out all of that if you want to be a winner in today`s War of Talents.

Incentive Travels

Incentive trips: because your
employees are worth it.

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Strengthen the loyalty of your employees with exceptional experiences.

Performance deserves recognition. We have just the right tool for you to express the highest appreciation: Incentive Trips. No other measure rewards your employees as sustainably as a trip which you cannot buy in a catalogue. So that you can exploit the full potential, we integrate the incentive trips intelligently into your communication strategy.

We stimulate happy feelings, create moments to be enjoyed now, satisfy the hunger for experiences und thus produce an emotional and lasting connection between your company and your employees.


Eventainment: 10,000
aces up your sleeve.

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We love to
eventain you!

Our ideas come to life through our pool of artistes, actions and WOW-effects from media stars to newcomers.

Guest Management

Guest management:
Successful planning,
administering and
organising of event

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For perfect implementation:

respect.  has its own tool for guest management. All phases of an event can be represented in it in an especially efficient and flexible way. More information on www.eventmember.de


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